Dominating the Ventilator

What do all of those dials on the ventilator do? Well, Scott Weingart has a great two part series on Dominating the Ventilator that explains them, and how to use them to help your patient. I have posted his video podcasts below, along with some of his notes, but you can find the links to his original postings listed below as well.

Part 1 (Handout)

Part I, deals with the lung injury strategy. In part 2 below, he talks about the strategy for patients with obstructive lung disease.

There are only 4 things you need to remember for a lung injury patient:

Vt (Tidal Volume) = Lung Protection

Flow Rate = Patient Comfort

Resp Rate = Ventilation

FiO2/PEEP = Oxygenation

Part 2 (Handout)

This is Part II, it deals with the obstructive strategy.Your goal with these patients is to let them have adequate time to breathe out.

There are only 4 things you need to remember for an obstructive patient

Vt (Tidal Volume) = 8 ml/kg, don’t mess with it

Flow Rate = shorter insp times, 80-100 lpm

Resp Rate = Lung protection, start at 10 work your way down if necessary

FiO2/PEEP = Oxygenation, should need much O2 (40%)m I recommend PEEP of 0, but certainly keep it less than 5


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