Evidence Based Medicine


Check out these great evidence based medicine (EBM) resources.


  1. Evidenced Based Health Care – New York Academy of Medicine –  Getting Evidence-Based Medicine Off The Shelf And Into Your Hands – A Selected, Annotated Bibliography To Help You Get Started
  2. PCCM – Evidence Based Resources


  1. Glossary of EBM Terms (Centre for Evidence-based Medicine)


  1. GuidelinesForMe


  1. AHRQ Research Activities Online Newsletter (Full Text)
  2. Effective Health Care Bulletin (Full-text)
  3. Effectiveness Matters (Full-text)
  4. Evidence-based Library and Information Practice
  5. 4th International Evidence Based Library & Information Practice Conference (Full-text of Proceedings)
  6. ACP Journal Club (Table of Contents)
  7. Advanced Studies in Medicine (Table of Contents)
  8. Clinical Evidence
  9. Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine (Table of Contents)
  10. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Full Text)
  11. Evidence-based Dentistry (Table of Contents)
  12. Evidence-based Healthcare (Table of Contents)
  13. Evidence-based Healthcare & Public Health (Table of Contents)
  14. Evidence-based Medicine (Table of Contents)
  15. Evidence-based Mental Health (Table of Contents)
  16. Evidence-based Nursing (Table of Contents)
  17. Evidence-based Obstetrics & Gynecology (Table of Contents)
  18. Evidence-based Oncology (Table of Contents)
  19. Evidence-based Practice (Table of Contents)
  20. InfoPOEMS (Table of Contents)
  21. Journal Watch Dermatology (Table of Contents)
  22. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing (Table of Contents)


  1. Evidence-based Emergency Medicine
  2. AGREE Collaboration (appraisal of guidelines research and evaluation)
  3. ARIF (Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility)
  4. American College of Surgeons Office of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  5. Campbell Collaboration (social, behavioral and educational aspects of evidence)
  6. Centre for Evidence-based Medicine
  7. Centre for Evidence-based Child Health
  8. Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry
  9. Centre for Evidence-based Mental Health
  10. Centre for Evidence-based Nursing
  11. Centre for Evidence Based Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  12. Centres for Health Evidence
  13. Cochrane Collaboration
    1. The Cochrane Library
      1. Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews
      2. Cochrane Library: User Training Resources
      3. Cochrane Library Training  (University of York)
    2. Reference Centres by Country
  14. Evidence-based Pediatrics (University of Michigan)
  15. Evidence-based Practice for Public Health Project (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
  16. Evidence-based Public Health (Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce)
  17. Evidence-based Public Health (University of Michigan Health Sciences Library)
  18. Evidence-Based Public Health Nursing(University of Illinois)
  19. Society for Medical Decision Making
  20. Grupo de Odontologia Basada en la Evidencia


  1. Policy Prescriptions


  1. ACEP – Clinical Policies
  2. Best Bets
  3. BMC Medical Education
  4. BMJ Updates
  5. Center for Evidenced Based Medicine
  6. Clinical Evidence
  7. Clinical Trials
  8. EB Medicine – Topics
  9. Evidence Based Nursing
  10. Evidence Based On-Call
  11. First Consult
  12. JAMAEvidence
  13. McMaster Plus
  14. National Guideline Clearninghouse
  15. Trip Database
  16. PEDro
  17. PubMed


  1. Mt. Sinai SOM – Evidence Based Medicine Tutorial
  2. Nurse Groups – Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine

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